A Distribution So Desireable
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Under the terms of this contract, Morz will manage the 1,500 sq m e-commerce distribution center which holds Xiaomi's handsets and accessories. Morz's services include receiving, checking, storage, orders picking process, packaging and orchestrating all shipping and administration across the country.

Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's Vice President, Global, said: "Making sure Mi fans are able to purchase Mi products and to receive them on time is of utmost importance, and working with the right partners is key to that. We are confident that Morz, through its warehouse and logistics solutions, will help Xiaomi continue to provide an excellent online buying experience in Malaysia."

Elaine Low, Morz's Executive Vice President for South East Asia said: "We are delighted to support Xiaomi as their trusted logistics partner for e-commerce fulfilment in the Malaysian market, where agility and responsiveness are critical. With the explosive growth of e-commerce in South East Asia, Morz has been working closely with our customers to provide flexible and optimized supply chain for their e-commerce activities."

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